Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 promises 30+ games, here’s the start time and where to watch

While I haven’t the slightest idea how he’s managed it, Geoff Keighley has announced that Gamescom Opening Night Live is to run for two hours, with 30+ world-premiere announcements.

After the event was forced to go online for two years as a result of the pandemic, Gamescom will finally be an in-person event running from August 24-28, 2022, in Cologne, Germany. Meanwhile, to kick things off, Geoff Keighley confirms that the Gamescom Opening Night Live will be streamed from Germany on August 23.

For those who wish to attend the event in-person, which is said to have an audience of thousands of fans, you can purchase one of the limited tickets from Gamescom’s official website.

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Watch: Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct – Live!

The Squid Research Lab is open.

Nintendo’s next big release, Splatoon 3, launches next month. So of course we’re getting a dedicated Nintendo Direct just for the third entry in this ink-flinging, colourful shooter!

Set in a new city after some kind of apocalyptic event, Splatoon 3 features tons of returning content, some new stages, and new weapons too. “Return of the Mammalians” is imminent, as are hours and hours of splat-filled battles online, so what else will Nintendo have to show for the third game?

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Check Out Persona 5 Royal Running At 60 FPS On Xbox Series X

Persona 5 Royal 60 FPS Remastered Gameplay

We learned in June during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that Persona 5 Royal would be coming to Xbox consoles alongside Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable. 

With an official Xbox Series X/S version of the game coming out on Oct. 21, and the remastered version set to hit other consoles then too, we’re just a few months away from seeing what the full JRPG looks like running on a new-gen console. Now we have our best look yet, featuring Persona 5 Royal running at 60 FPS on an Xbox Series X, thanks to Faz on YouTube, as reported by Video Games Chronicle

Check it out for yourself below

As you can see, Persona 5 Royal looks wildly different running at 60 FPS. Personally, and this is shocking for me to say, I think I prefer it running at 30 FPS. I was chatting with a friend about this last night, but the animation of the game and its general art style lend themselves well to 30 FPS. This remastered 60 FPS look almost takes away some of the shine from the game, giving characters and enemies a matte-like finish. Perhaps it will look better in the final release, but right now, I think I will stick to my PlayStation 4 version. 

[Source: Faz on YouTube via Video Games Chronicle]

What do you think of the game running at 60 FPS? Let me know in the comments below!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 cut campaign detailed in huge cache of documents

An enormous cache of cut content from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been posted online, detailing developer Treyarch’s early plans for a campaign mode.

Gameplay details, screenshots and design documentation are all included in a post on the infamous GamingLeaksAndRumours reddit by user Purpletoaster20, who states that it is the culmination of “months of research and discussion” with those who knew about the mode before it was ditched.

The post also comes ahead of a 30-minute video on the mode, which the user says they intend to post online next week.

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Overwatch loot boxes will be withdrawn from sale at the end of the month

Blizzard has announced an end date for the sale of Overwatch loot boxes – after one final in-game loot box event to sell lots of them beforehand.

The option to buy loot boxes will be removed from Overwatch at the end of the game’s current Anniversary Remix event, which wraps up on 30th August.

In a blog post on the event, Blizzard noted that its loot boxes have a chance to contain rare items from previous Anniversary and seasonal events, and told fans not to “wait too long to snag those skins you’ve been eyeing for the past year”.

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