Doom is now playable on a tractor

It’s something of an industry joke that iconic 90s shooter Doom is playable on almost anything. Now it’s playable on a tractor.

There’s a more serious background to this, though. As Wired reports, a hacker known as Sick Codes presented a new jailbreak for John Deere & Co. tractors at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas.

Digital locks are imposed on vehicles by manufacturers, preventing farmers from modifying and repairing their own equipment. The right-to-repair has proven controversial in the farming industry, but Sick Codes has found a workaround.

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Dead Cells’ ‘Enter The Panchaku’ Free Update Gets Slight Delay On Switch

Update: “We’ve hit a snag”.

Update : Switch (and other console) owners will have to wait a bit longer for Dead Cells’ 30th free update as Motion Twin has announced earlier today that it’s hit a big of a “snag” in certifying the update for consoles.

Don’t worry, the wait won’t be too much longer — just another week — but the team thanked fans for being patient over on Twitter.

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Xbox Game Pass gets surprise addition with another indie hit

If you’re attentive enough, you’ll have noticed that the game has graced the Xbox services before – it was one of the games that came free with your subscription back in June 2020. It’s a similar game to the sublime VA11 Hall-A, if you’ve ever played that.

The game sells itself as a “late-night café game” set in a sorta sci-fi version of Seattle – but it comes with a twist: the city is populated by orcs, humans, elves and other assorted mythical creatures. The game weaves in and out of the barista experience, casting you as both a coffee expert, and a friendly ear for the human and inhuman residents of the alt-reality city.

Set against an aural backdrop of lo-fi beats, and brimming with cosy and incessently pleasant converastions, the game celebrates making you a mute observer, looking in on the lives of many people coming and going from your humble store.

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