What is Quick Cast in League of Legends And Why Should You Use It?

The quick cast option was previously known as “smart cast.” Riot changed the name of this characteristic of some of the abilities in League of Legends in the patch V3.12 that came out in October 2013. Despite the name change that happened almost ten years ago, some players still refer to it as smart cast.  …

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Guide: Best Sonic Games Of All Time

Every Sonic game on Nintendo consoles, ranked by you.

Updated with Sonic Origins. Remember that this is a dynamic reader-ranked list that re-orders automatically depending on each game’s rating in our database. As more people play and rate Origins, we imagine its position will go up and down quite rapidly over the coming days!

In order to rate any of the games on the list below out of 10, logged-in Nintendo Life users can simply tap the ‘star’ and assign each game a personal rating. Enjoy!

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Bungie suing person responsible for multiple fraudulent Destiny 2 DMCA takedowns

Bungie is suing the person behind several bogus Destiny 2 DMCA takedowns.

March 2022 saw Bungie and various YouTubers hit with a DMCA takedown. At the time, it wasn’t clear who was issuing the takedowns, but Bungie eventually found out who the malefactor was, and has filed a lawsuit.

According to the filing, the offender’s name is Nicholas Minor who goes by Lord Nazo on YouTube. Apparently, Minor was issued a takedown notice by Bungie on YouTube, went off the rails, and eventually started targeting Bungie and prominent Destiny YouTubers.

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EA to reveal Skate 4 in July – report

It sounds as though EA is ready to show off Skate 4, according to a report.

Sources speaking with Try Hard’s Tom Henderson have said EA is ready to give the world a look at the next entry in the series.

The game is reportedly just called Skate and is further along in development than previously thought when leaked footage surfaced back in April. Apparently, the leaked footage showed a game very early in development, and quite a few months old at that.

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Pokémon Go developer Niantic says it’s better at spotting cheaters and is “ramping up” enforcement

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has outlined its plans on tackling cheating in the popular augmented-reality mobile game.

In an update posted to the company’s official blog (thanks, NME), Niantic said it is “continuously work[ing] to facilitate a fun and fair environment” and “[felt players’] frustration about how cheating behaviours” affected them.

Its last post on cheating – posted way back last year – was “focused primarily on sharing a broad overview” on the topic, but since then, Niantic says it’s “becoming better” at spotting cheaters.

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Feature: Backlog Club: Return Of The Obra Dinn – It All Comes Down To Socks In The End

An old-school mystery with older-school roots.

This article is part of our new experimental series, Backlog Club, where we (Nintendo Life!) pick a game that’s likely to be on our list of “games we should get around to playing”, and then we (NL + you!) spend the next month playing that game. This is the finale for June, which was focused on Return of the Obra Dinn. Read Part One here!

Presumably, if you’re reading this, you have either finished Return of the Obra Dinn, or got about two-thirds of the way through before rage-quitting over being unable to tell all the grainy photos of bearded men apart. So I won’t bore you with an explanation of the game, and I won’t warn you of spoilers, because you probably don’t need either. Let’s dive in.

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Stardew Valley patch 1.6 is on the way

A new Stardew Valley patch is on the way.

Whilst it’s “mostly a modding-focused update”, creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone says there “will be some new content”, but advised players to temper expectations, as it “won’t be huge”.

Asked if his follow-up game, Haunted Chocolatier, will have references to the wholesome farming sim, Barone said that there would be, but said he didn’t know “how deep the connection will be” as he’s keen for his upcoming title to “have its own identity”.

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Review: Roller Champions – Passable F2P Action, But Barebones And Sorely Lacking On Switch

Rocket… Beague???

Everybody has to have their own, right? Once a breakout game becomes a huge sensation, everyone scrambles to have their own version. PUBG did it for Battle Royales and Overwatch for Hero Shooters; these are a dime a dozen now, with series like Call of Duty and Resident Evil having their own takes of varying quality (or sometimes, multiple takes in CoD’s case). One of these breakout hits was Rocket League, and while not an exact analogue for Rocket League, Roller Champions is Ubisoft’s attempt to scratch that over-the-top sports game itch. Launching in May on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Ubisoft’s free-to-play skater, Roller Champions has rolled onto the Switch out of nowhere, with a surprise launch on a Tuesday. A pleasant surprise, we hoped, but sadly it’s not looking good.

Roller Champions is a 3v3 team-based sport ‘em up. Half-roller derby, half-basketball, the basic gist is that teams must gain and stay in possession of the ball, do laps around the arena and score five points by throwing the ball through a ring. Once the opposing team gains possession of the ball, your lap progress is reset and it’s back to square one. One lap equals one point, two laps equal three points, and three laps equal five, the achievement of which ends the match instantly. We really like this lap system; it offers a great risk vs reward formula in which you could play it safe by doing one lap and guaranteeing a point, or risk losing all of your progress to go big.

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Square Enix says it’s “too early to make Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games”

Square Enix has said it’s still too early” to embed blockchain in its most popular franchises games, but has confirmed that “the development of blockchain games and entertainment products” remains on the company’s list of medium-term goals.

According to Michsuzuki and spotted and translated by our friends at VGC, Square Enix’s CEO Yosuke Matsuda confirmed at the company’s recent Shareholders’ Meeting that it was “too early to make Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games”, emphasising that he was “not thinking about that” for upcoming releases.

VGC also purports that the company is keen to create “story-focused” NFTs, too.

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