Infinity Ward talks Modern Warfare 2 footstep audio, player visibility, disbanding lobbies and more

Modern Warfare 2 recently wrapped up what ended up being the biggest beta in Call of Duty history, so you can imagine that popularity also came with a lot of feedback from players. Though sentiments are generally positive, a few issues in particular have cropped up repeatedly.

In an effort to address these concerns, developer Infinity Ward highlighted some of the most common ones and discussed what it’s going to be doing about them for launch.

In a blog post, the studio commented on certain issues, leaving others undiscussed. Sadly, even the ones that got mentioned by name didn’t receive satisfying answers.

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Rumour: Fans May Have Translated The Zonai Text In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Trailer

But the debate is ongoing.

A brand new Zelda trailer always brings a lot of excitement, and there was an extra layer of jubilation with the newest The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer — one, because we have a name, and two, we have a release date — 12th May 2023! But what everyone is really after are the theories. The answers. And one fan claims to have worked out what some of the Zonai script says during the trailer, which may give us a few clues.

Over on GameOver Jesse’s Hylian Gamescast (shared via GameXplain and GoNintendo), a fan messaged in with a potential answer as to what this short snippet of text could mean. The Zonai tribe has been one of the biggest talking points of Tears of the Kingdom — heck, even we focused on them a lot when we tore apart the relatively short trailer. But this text in particular has had fans transfixed for weeks, with many over on various Zelda subreddits trying to decipher it.

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FIFA 23 review – a fitting end to a brilliant and grotesque era

Exactly one win and one loss into my time with Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, I have a notification. The little bar in the top-right of the screen strobes to tell me I’ve completed an objective. Nice! Objectives in Ultimate Team range from simple things like scoring a certain number of goals, to more complex tasks like doing so with assists from specific players or winning dozens of times. They give you rewards, usually in the form of XP that advances FIFA’s version of a battle pass, where you unlock more rewards by progressing through the levels. So, completing an objective is expected after a couple games, and generally it’s neat.

Only, I haven’t completed an objective. I have, after two games and nothing else, completed 26 objectives. And these objectives are scattered across five sub-menus, each of which contains maybe a dozen or so groups of objectives, of which there are again up to a dozen or so objectives therein. Clearing these notifications means navigating through this Russian Doll of to-do lists and individually selecting each one, selecting it again to see the reward, and again to claim the reward. That’s not all! The reward, if it’s an item or, better yet, a pack, then goes to the Store page, which is an entirely different menu. I have 19 items in the store after clearing and claiming rewards for my 26 objectives, and so, off I go to open them.

What followed for me, as it will for you, is an interminable parade of tat. As reward for my literally average performance across my first two games I have been granted the honour of packing all kinds of stadium cosmetics, such as Two Stick Banners – Green, a card which puts some impressively garish, bright green flags in the crowd; a Grape coloured goal net; the club badges for Swindon Town and Chengdu Rongcheng FC (Bronze rare!); red pitch lines; a True Blue coloured goal net; orange pitch lines; and, my personal favourite, a new club nickname: “(The) Crabs.” The process of clearing, receiving, and opening all these objectives and rewards, across the depths of what must still be the laggiest UI in video games, thanks to it all being handled on a server somewhere, took just over 20 minutes. Longer than those first two matches combined.

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Surprise! Skyrim Anniversary Edition Is Out Now On The Switch eShop

Wait, I know you.

Let’s admit it: we knew that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition was coming to Switch. You knew it too, and seemingly so did all of Taiwan and Europe after the game was rated in each region over the course of the last few months. What we didn’t know was when we would be able to get our hands on it.

Well, surprise, folks! Skyrim Anniversary Edition has appeared out of nowhere on the Switch eShop today — it looks like someone maxed out their sneak stat. This new release is available as a standalone bundle or as an upgrade if you own the base game already on Switch.

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Valve lists Steam sale dates for autumn, winter, and spring

If, like me, you wait patiently for the Steam sale to arrive before purchasing anything from your wishlist, then you’re in luck. Valve has now listed its Steam sale dates for autumn, winter, and spring, and we can all prepare ahead of time.

Previously, we had Lunar New Year celebrations on Steam which are now being replaced with a spring sale. Without further ado, here are the dates you can expect your wishlist, and plenty other games, to be much cheaper.

The autumn sale will start on Steam on November 22, running for a week until November 29. As for the winter sale, which is perhaps my favourite for dishing out seasonal gifts to long-distance friends, will run from December 22 to January 5.

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How Dorfromantik creates contested meanings of landscape

Hello! With Dorfromantik landing on Switch today, here’s a piece from Jay that takes a closer look at landscapes. If you’re interested in the Switch port itself, we’re running a piece on Saturday.

I can’t ever get my Dorfromantik dioramas to look quite right. Other people seem to be able to make their rural idylls look balanced, organised. Villages and farms are rounded while rivers gently meander. For me, it’s the other way around. Rivers stagnate in huge lakes while houses and fields snake across the landscape in jagged lines.

It chafes particularly because we’re all familiar with the kind of bucolic landscape that Dorfromantik tasks you with making. By placing hexagonal puzzle pieces so that the edges line up – tree to tree, field to field, home to home – you build out these landscapes, and score points for keeping the jigsaw aligned. Every so often a tile will come with a quest, like turning it into a farm with 50 fields, and completing these gives you more tiles. You can play until you run out.

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Bayonetta 1 & 2 Receive New Update Ahead Of Third Game’s Launch

Includes additional language support.

PlatinumGames’ anticipated release Bayonetta 3 is finally launching on the Nintendo Switch next month, and ahead of its launch, Nintendo has issued a new update for the original Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on the system.

Version 1.1.0 for both games includes additional language support options. Here are the patch notes for both:

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