has used the free-to-play shooter’s Creative Mode feature

One player of Epic Games’ Fortnite has used the free-to-play shooter’s Creative Mode feature to pay homage to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, assembling an impressive recreation of that game’s iconic Shipment map in first-person. While official crossovers with other properties have become part of the battle royale title’s DNA at this point, such as the recently-released Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover, this fan-made mash-up may just be one of the most exciting ones yet.

Making its debut in late 2018, Fortnite’s Creative Mode lets players design private game worlds that can then be shared with others. Featuring a robust toolset that lets players choose from a wide variety of structures and items fortnite v bucks generator that can be placed throughout the map, Creative Mode has allowed Fortnite players to design all manner of impressive custom maps and unique mini-games. If the recent rumors of a first-person mode coming to Fortnite end up being correct, it seems likely that Creative Mode could soon see a flood of new maps taking advantage of the long-requested change in perspective.

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In a series of screenshots posted to the r/ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Avesta49 shared their take on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Shipment map as reimagined in Fortnite Creative Mode. Taken from a first-person perspective, the screenshots show an impressive level of detail in the fan-made world, with cargo containers stacked high on the deck of a storm-ravaged ship forming a series of dangerous choke points instantly familiar to Modern Warfare 2 players. Despite Fortnite’s typically colorful and cartoonish color palate, the recreation of the iconic map features more muted tones that perfectly emulate the dark, damp look of the original level.

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Fortnite Creative Shipment Map Modern Warfare 2
Fortnite Creative Shipment Map Modern Warfare 2_2
Fortnite Creative Shipment Map Modern Warfare 2_3
Fortnite Creative Shipment Map Modern Warfare 2_4

Fans of both franchises were impressed by the mashup of the two popular shooters, with one Redditor stating that the screenshots were tempting them to reinstall Fortnite again. Seeking to help players who wanted to try out Fortnite’s first-person mode even though it has yet to be officially implemented in battle royale, another comment noted that turning on the first-person camera in Save fortnite v bucks generator The World mode and then switching to Battle Royale will enable the still-glitchy perspective switch. Clearly loving seeing two of the biggest games on the market combined in such an impressive manner, one commenter definitively stated that “First person/No Build Fortnite will be game changing.”

This creative blend of two of the most popular online shooters is sure to delight fans of both games, and serves as a tantalizing glimpse of the sorts of experiences players could be in store for if Epic Games adds official support for first-person fortnite v bucks generator mode in Fortnite. And unlike the utterly terrifying Junji Ito Fortnite Creative Mode content, this map won’t leave gamers sleeping with the lights on.