Yuji Naka casually confirms Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3

Out of nowhere, former head of Sonic Team Yuji Naka has confirmed that Michael Jackson did in fact have a hand in the creation of the Sonic 3 soundtrack – following years of SEGA officially denying his involvement. Since Michael Jackson’s involvement was never formally confirmed, Yugi Naka has basically confirmed one of the biggest rumours surrounding the franchise.

This casual confirmation came via Yuji Naka’s own twitter account, where he expressed shock at the change in soundtrack in the classic Sega platformer. This, as you can imagine, has left plenty of gaming trivia heads, speculators, or just plain old fans of the fastest hedgehog in gaming stunned.

The reason all of this is popping up now is thanks to the recent release of Sonic Origins. This compilation of classic Sonic titles features many retro titles belonging to the series – including Sonic 3. However, Sega previously confirmed that the version of Sonic 3 present in this collection would not have its original music.

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