With the state of Halo Infinite now, Halo 4 is looking damn good on its 10th anniversary

Halo 4 came out 10 years ago today. What happened?

The game had incomprehensibly massive shoes to fill following the conclusion of the OG Halo trilogy. Passed along from Bungie to 343 Industries, it really was the start of a new age for the sci-fi series. Bungie went off to work on a brand new universe (you may have heard of it) now that it had wrapped up its story with ample flourish and bombast.

343 came in as a mix of construction worker and interior decorator, building up an extension to a luxurious house, and seeing if it could replicate (or even evolve) the whole structure. Who knows? Maybe if it did a good job the franchise could shine on, a whole decade from now?

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