Why Do I Even Try

I’m over it. I’m tired of trying to play this game, just to get booted from realm to realm. Can’t even grind for 3 minutes. The community is a bunch of power hungry no lives, who act super high and mighty just to have mommy issues in real life. If you have nothing going on in your life, just say it, instead of all of this, “Now I’m gonna arch you for mocking me’, ‘You’re going to regret laughing’ , ‘I can pop you instantly.” Yeah, you probably can, but it’s been three years since the last time I’ve played this game and half of you are still children. I spent a couple days just trying to be nice to everyone I come across and it means jack shit to everyone. I WISH I could listen to some therapy gekko and just play this game nonchalantly without having to suck of 50 dudes under 120 pounds with anger issues.

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