We’re finally getting the Kirby co-op game for Switch that we deserve

A short while ago, I played Kirby’s Dream Buffet. Following the announcement of the game, I was completely ecstatic. You’re telling me they’re putting my favourite pink puff ball into what, essentially, looks like a tasty version of Fall Guys? And it’s going to be co-op? And it’s on the Switch!?

I was ready to make Kirby’s Dream Buffet one of my games of choice at gatherings, placing it on the same pedestal as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, when I actually got my hands on the game, I was left disappointed.

The co-op features that I anticipated were missing. Kirby’s Dream Land felt limited, only allowing for two-player local co-op. Online, I could play with three more friends, but they would then need to buy the game – as well as have their own Switch device to hand. I had my qualms with the game outside of this, which landed a 2/5 in my review, but it was the lack of four-player local co-op that, to me, made the entire premise of the game feel a little redundant.

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