Valve has released its shiny revamped Steam Charts page — data nerds rejoice!

Valve has finally released a shiny new revamp of their old stats page, so that us data nerds can track the most popular, most financially lucrative, and most played PC games on Steam in one new webpage. Available for anyone and everyone right now, you no longer have to check out a dated site or third party alternatives.

Announced via a blog post earlier today, a variety of info on each game and their placement on respective rankings such as recent changes in position, options to quickly switch regional toggles, and the ability to see total revenue. All in all, a handy tool!

Those who have been around for a while, and people who have tried to look up this sort of information may have popped by the old stats page or websites like Steam Spy or Steam Charts (yes, there was a Steam Charts before this announcement, confusingly enough). It was possible to get a good idea of certain data points via these websites (some of which would pull information from the Steam API) That being said, having a new flashy place to grab this kind of data from an official source does make the process a whole lot easier.

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