Top 7 Best Female League of Legends Players

League of Legends is one of the most dominant strategy games in the Esports community. Being the most played game for the majority of a decade, it has accumulated a well-established community incorporating both online content creators and pro-play.

Like most Esports-dominant games, League of Legends majorly consists of a male player base, encompassing over 82% male players, while only 18% are females. 

Nevertheless, there is no talent shortage in the female League community, with several female streamers progressively dominating through challenger lobbies. Today, we will shine a light on the best female players in the League of Legends player base.

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1. Pokimane

Iman “Pokimane” needs no introduction. She is one of the most successful streamers as of 2022 and continues to prosper by streaming multiple games daily. However, she hasn’t been streaming or uploading any League content on YouTube, as the most recent League-related upload on her channel was over 3 years ago. Nonetheless, she still remains one of the most popular and influential League of Legends players of all time while being an inspiration for many female streamers. 

Pokimane appeared on Twitch in 2013 when season 3 of League of Legends was ongoing. Her most played champions are Ahri, Syndra, and Lux. Unlike any other female streamers, she plays mid-lane and has managed to hit Diamond during her active League grinds. 

Back in the day, it was rare to see a female participating in League tourneys, but Poki became a part of many tournaments like Twitch Rivals and was placed first in quite a few of them. One of the highlights of Pokimane’s League career includes her 1v1 against Faker and several other iconic moments throughout the Twitch Rival tournaments.

It doesn’t matter if she never plays the game again; she will remain one of the most influential players in the League community. These days, she can be seen playing other games on YouTube like Valorant, GTA Online, Among Us, and many more. You can catch up with Pokimane through her socials linked below:

2. Mayumi

Julia “Mayumi” Nakamura is a young girl from Brazil who has professionally competed in the Brazilian CBLOL League. She is the second female ever to play with an all-boys team. Due to her insane skill level, Mayumi just might be the best female League of Legends player in the world.

Mayumi is a support main, and her most played champions are Nautilus and Leona. Since August 2019, Brazilian INTZ has won several championships due to her piloting the support role like a prodigy. But soon, in 2020, she left the organization due to discrimination and mistreatment. Since then, she has joined TSM as a full-time streamer and content creator and now spends her days idling around in her Twitch streams.

Mayumi is still one of the best female players and has been consistent with the game throughout the years. It is unknown if she will ever play on a competitive platform again but it would be amazing to see that happen one day! If you want to follow her journey as a league player, you can use the links below!

3. Caltys

Maya “Caltys” Henckel doesn’t have a substantial career in the competitive side of League of Legends. Nevertheless, she is still considered one of the best female League of Legends players of all time. Caltys began her career in 2018 – mostly maining bot-lane AD carries, occasionally transitioning to jungler and top laners. 

While she has been in several teams throughout her career, Maya’s most prominent appearance was with Valiance, a Croatian esports organization formerly known as CR4ZY, before their rebrand in June 2021.

Caltys plays from Sweden, mostly on EUW, and has managed to peak 800LP challenger as an ADC through season 11. By the time of this article, she managed to reach Grandmaster while only playing her main champion, Twitch. Moreover, she also plays Katarina and Rek’Sai.

Caltys streams on Twitch regularly, and if you want to check out her plays on Twitch, follow the links below!

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4. Trianna

Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova started her League career by joining the Vaevictis as a team manager in 2016. In 2018, Vaevictis Esports played in the Russian LCL League but did not acquire any major success due to bankruptcy resulting in the dismissal of all the players. This surprisingly led to the creation of an all-female team for Vaevictus – where Trianna played as a support.

Despite the losses of the all-female team, Trianna still managed to gain a decent following due to her witty playmaking and engaging content on YouTube. Furthermore, her consistent performance got her hanging around Diamond ranks in her solo queue sessions through season 11. 

Nowadays, she isn’t as active with her main sitting around Platinum ELO. You can find her old streams and exhilarating content on her YouTube account and other socials linked below:

5. Missbaffy

MissBaffy is another popular streamer who deserves your attention. She is from Hampshire, England, and plays on EUW. She has been streaming support gameplay in SoloQ for quite a few years.

Baffy is also known in the community as a Janna, Pyke, Leona, Lulu, and Thresh player. However, she never duo queues with anyone on stream. Back in 2011, she managed to grind solo queue to Diamond and has maintained that rank for many years.

Her skills are up to par since she has been playing since season 2. Nowadays, she can also be seen enjoying a good amount of Lulu gameplay in her ranked endeavors. MissBaffy hasn’t appeared on any Esports platform, but her skills are respectable. Additionally, she streams almost daily on Twitch and has amassed around 103k followers – as of July 2022. 

Needless to say, Missbaffy is loved by her community – which is wildly reflected in her daily streams. To know more about her streaming schedule, you can click on the link to her Twitch below!

6. Kaypea

Kelsie “KayPea” Pelling makes it to the popular female streamers list as well. She started her League career during season 3 of League of Legends in 2013. Additionally, KayPea likes to be a menace around mid-lane, with her favorite champions being Lux, Ahri, and Syndra. Additionally, she also mixes things up with other champions such as Brand and Ziggs.

Kaypea is a Canadian-based player competing in the NA Soloqueue. She climbed to Platinum during her debut season. Additionally, Kaypea is renowned as one of the most consistent and popular Twitch streamers, cherished by over 790k followers on Twitch.

Watching her Twitch sessions and YouTube is quite entertaining as she tries her best to win every game possible. In particular, her AP champion plays are always on point. Furthermore, she always has fun with her chat as she diligently responds to the maximum amount of DMs on a daily basis.

Avoid missing out on the latest Kaypea news and action from the socials linked below:

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7. Gamer Girl

Triniti “GamerGirl” is another reputable female League of Legends player. She is a Canadian Twitch streamer and likes to main mid-lane. While her champion pool is quite vast, she majorly excels on the blinking assassin, Katarina. However, Triniti also likes to play with other champions, such as Lux and Riven – as evident in her older streams.

She is one of the most skilled female players on the rift, acclaimed for pushing three of her accounts to Challenger with her consistent Katarina performance back in season 10. She is very well known in the community and, through regular streaming, has amassed about 300k followers on Twitch. 

For the most part of her career, Triniti didn’t use a face-cam on her streams, keeping her face anonymous to her audience. But after a huge number of requests came flooding in from her followers, she finally did a face reveal on Instagram in September 2021. Her gaming sessions are quite enjoyable, including her content on YouTube, as she tends to have fun with every individual game. 

You are recommended to follow her on Twitch and check out more of GamerGirl content on socials linked below:


This is not a competitive ranking between these 7 players but only a list. Each player has unique strengths and weaknesses, which are reflected in their distinguished playstyles. All of them hold their respectable preferences in roles along with the main champions. Some may be more skilled than others, but ultimately, everyone brings their unique, intriguing elements to the table.

Some have experience on the Esports platform, and some do not, and their rank in the game does not entirely dictate their skill in the game. It’s important to support all these hardworking female players, especially when they are a minor yet emerging community in mainstream Esports. 

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