“They were tired of America”: Why ex-Division devs chose Prague for Vampire Bloodhunt’s classy backdrop

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt is out today, bringing with it an updated look at the dark and mysterious world the franchise is set in. With this instalment, not only are we getting an updated look at vampire society almost twenty years after Bloodlines, but we’re seeing them in a largely unrepresented part of the world in Prague.

To dig into both this setting, as well as how the series has been adapted to fit a modern setting, I sat down with art director Erik Nilssonto discuss inspiration, what’s changed and remained the same, and what went into transforming real world Prague into a battle royale arena.

VG247: You’re making a vampire the masquerade in 2022, so how do you modernise the style and presentation for a modern audience?

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