They realy realy need todo something about stability of the game in Multiplayer

I like this game made few friends addictive but the horde nights beyond 3 are lag fest we drop to 10 fps on 5th night its unplayable if we didnt use horde base with Huge dugout where the zombies fall in so they cant get to us.

And yes we tried every setting under the moon all settings on low mesh settings to 500 and 1 bla bla doesnt not help. me and my friends all have pretty beast pc 3070 TI and up video card wise and 5800x AMD 32GB private server with wel known hosting company.

Everything runs pretty oke besides horde night the sometimes spike lagg we can live with sometimes dropping from 70 to 30 is bit shit oke.

But constant 10 fps or lower on horde night is absurd.

Again i love this game but plz plz for the love of god do something about the stability

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