The dumbest question, but please humor me

So I am in love with this game after trying it out last weekend. I am very specific about the type of game I enjoy, so it’s very rare for me to find something that completely sucks me in. My other favourite game is Ark which I needed a break from after 1500 hours, and 7DTD isn’t super different.

The only issue is that I am a big ol’ scaredy cat. I am an anxious mess so if anything sneaks up on me, I sometimes just alt-F4 away (for context, I tried to play The Forest and would NOT leave the plane lol). Does anyone if there are any mods that reskin the zombies as comical? Once I get used to the game, I’ll get used to it, but I just need something to tone the zombies down, so that I can focus on learning the game and exploring.

Yes, yes, you can have a laugh at my expense. I know the easy answer is to play another game, but I really like this one, and it’s mostly only an issue at night (and when the zombs fall from the ceiling like the AHs they are). Accepting all advice!

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