The Ascent expands its cyberpunk chaos with melee combat and new missions in story DLC

Today is a good day for fans of last year’s GOTY contender The Ascent, the top-down shooter from Neon Giant. The game has made huge strides since its release last summer.

Most notably, The Ascent arrived on PlayStation, and received various bits of smaller add-ons. But no meaningful new content made it into the game since then, and this is about to change.

Neon Giant today revealed Cyber Heist, a major new DLC for The Ascent. The add-on arrives August 18, priced $10/€10/£8. Cyber Heist adds new main and side mission chains, set in a new Malhorst-Gelb-owned arcology. The story takes place after the events of the main campaign, with Kira offering you a new job.

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