Stray is an attentive tribute to cat-like curiosity

From the outside, Stray is an adventure game made for lovers of cats and science fiction. However, at its core, Stray is something much more than that; it’s a testament to curiosity and exploration, and really hones in on how cats can seemingly make any place a home.

As my hands-off preview begins, I find it hard to contain my excitement. I watch the silhouette of our furry protagonist simply doing ‘cat things’ while in their idle animation. Producer, Swann Martin-Raget, walks us through the game and explains what we can expect from the adventure, deftly avoiding giving away any plot details.

He starts us by walking the furry, ginger cat through the streets of Midtown; the setting is dark and dreary – yet outstandingly beautiful. Martin-Raget explains that the environment is directly influenced by Kowloon Walled City, with the inspiration for a feline protagonist coming from developer conversations around how Kowloon would be the “perfect playground” for a cat. After seeing the four-legged friend roam around Midtown and its various platforms, I have to agree.

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