Steam Deck’s in-built FPS counter is ruining my life

I’ve owned a Steam Deck for about a month now. As a device that costs more or less the same as an OLED Switch, it’s absolutely incredible – at times rather magical in a way only proper high-end tech can be. I love being able to play most PC games from the comfort of anywhere in my house, even if the battery takes a bit of a beating in more demanding titles, and my decision to cheap out on SD card storage size bites me on the arse practically every day.

What I don’t love is how long I spend tinkering in menus in an attempt to improve the little number I have in the top left corner of the screen. The FPS counter on Steam Deck is taking over my gaming life. I hate myself for ever letting those evil digits into my house, but there’s seemingly no going back now.

Let me paint a picture of why the Steam Deck letting me display stats over a game is a problem for someone like me. Step into my time machine as we avoid Morlocks and wind up in the mid-90s. As a child, I was pretty obsessed with PCs. Firstly, I wanted one. This was achieved via great sacrifice from my parents. With a PC in the house (connected to a slow and noisy Dot Matrix printer, FYI – watch a YouTube video about one if you’re none-the-wiser), the world of PC gaming was opened up to me.

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