Some questions about Darkness Falls progression (Spoiler warning)

Hey everyone!

I’ve been playing Darkness Falls for a bit and I had some of questions about progression in the DF story.

When Eve gives you the quest to go to the snow biome for the military bunker, about how far into the story is that? 50%? 75%?

By the point I go to the military bunker, about what level should I be? I have my exp set to 25% but I am level 80ish and I fear I’m leveling too quickly. I don’t want to get my ass kicked by a bunch of demons just yet.

While I know the minimum requirement for technology crafting is level 75, is it normal to pass that point and without having found the materials for The Future Is Now? I’ve got 8/10 research notes so I’m almost there.

By the time I reach the end game quest (research lab) about what level should I expect to be?

I welcome any other relevant suggestions in terms of progression 🙂

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