Should you move to the new trader area or stay at the first one?

Brand new to the game and still trying to figure stuff out, so don’t judge me to harshly if this is a stupid question.

So, I got to the first trader area and set up a home base in one of the houses there. After completing several quests for the trader there, I got a mission to visit the trader in another area. I then went back to the original area to do tier 2 quests (the new trader only had level 1 quests).

I’m not sure if, or when I should move to a new location. Moving all the stuff I have been scavenging would be huge pain. I have been holding off building any crafting stuff (forges and such), because I’m not sure if I should move, or if it doesn’t matter.

Also, if you start a new game on the same map, would it send you to a random trader for the first one, or is it always the same one.

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