[Server Advert] Veracious Network – a PvE Darkness Falls modded community

I manage a small US-based (Ohio) server running the Darkness Falls mod and the community I manage it for is always looking for new players. We’re a small community but there’s usually someone around to play with, especially after 1700 EDT.

Group Name: Veracious Network Discord: https://discord.gg/9CWsDncg7w Map: DFalls-Medium1-NoCP EAC disabled (though if you abuse it I will punish you) Game IP: Game Port: 26900 Game Version: 20.3 DF Version: 4.0 (will update to latest release after tested working)

In-game economy is enabled, though currently only Dukes can be purchased.

Teleport is allowed for 2 locations.

/spawn command to jump to a WIP shared safe zone (safe being relative in 7DTD land)

We support Linux and Windows clients, server itself is running Linux. This instance is PvE and griefing is strongly discouraged; we encourage players to help each other and work together to get through each week, (both in game and sometimes RL). We’re all in this together, so keep your stick on the ice.

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