Review: Voice Of Cards: The Beasts Of Burden – The Ace Of The Deck In Yoko Taro’s Card RPG Series

I choose you!

Fun fact: at this time last year, we had only just learned of the existence of Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars. Not only has that game and its sequel—Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden—come out since then, but we’ve now received yet another sequel in Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden. As you’d probably expect, this newest entry is largely cut from the same cloth as its predecessors, but with some meaningful nips and tucks here and there that help to give it its own personality.

The Beasts of Burden follows the story of a girl named Al’e (by default, you can name her whatever you want) who dreams of one day seeing the stars. Al’e lives in an underground village beset by frequent monster attacks, which are slowly chipping away at their limited supplies and remaining residents. Al’e is quite the capable warrior, but while she’s out fending off yet another monster swarm, another group of monsters manages to sneak into the village and kill everyone there. Grieving the loss of her mother and friends, Al’e is then whisked to the surface by a mysterious boy who seems to want to help. Here, she learns that she holds a special power that allows her to control monsters to do her bidding. Armed with this newfound ability and aided by her new ally, Al’e sets out on a quest for revenge against the ones behind the incident that destroyed her home.

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