Review: Metal Max Xeno: Reborn – A Welcome Rebirth Despite Its Flaws

Don’t get mad, Max.

Metal Max fans in the west are not what you’d call spoiled for choice, especially in regards to English-language releases. It would be more accurate to say that series fans are “Metal Max-starved.” In the span of the series’ 31-year existence, only two games have been released in English —2006’s Metal Saga (thusly named due to trademark issues at the time) and 2018’s Metal Max Xeno. For English-speaking fans, it’s Metal Max Xeno that’s relevant here, as Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is, as the title suggests, a reimagining of that game.

Originally released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC, Metal Max Xeno was unlike the traditional turn-based RPGs that comprise the majority of the Metal Max franchise. Xeno was, instead, a free-roaming action game with hybrid RPG elements. Free to roam and explore largely barren environments, travel was frequently interrupted by randomly-spawning enemies ranging from an assortment of insectoid creatures, tanks, mechs, and the occasional ‘wanted’ boss enemy.

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