Review: Mario Strikers: Battle League – Simply The Best Sports Game On Switch

Violence is apparently the answer.

Name a sport. Go on, name one. Now presumably you’ve chosen some obscure sport that Mario hasn’t played because you saw where this bit was going, but that doesn’t change the fact that our red plumber chap hasn’t been in a hell of a lot of sports games — he mainly sticks to golf, with a little baseball on the side. Mario Strikers: Battle League attempts to carry on the legacy of the much-beloved Strikers series, but does this third entry achieve the hat-trick we’d all love to see?

When you boot up the game you’ll be presented with various modes. Quick Battle allows you to jump into a game right away, setting the duration, how skilled the CPU is, whether or not you want items and/or Hyper Strikes to be enabled (more on those later), and whether the game should take place in the daytime or at night. This is the basic mode that most people will bust out when playing with friends, and thankfully you can do so on a single console (with up to eight players at a time), local wireless, and over that new-fangled internet that you might have heard of. If you want to play a quick game of Strikers, this is likely where you’ll go.

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