Review In Progress: Nintendo Switch Sports – Familiar Fun With Friends, But Little More

Wii haven’t come far.

Note: At the time of publication the online functionality is not yet live for this game. As it is such a crucial part of the experience, we have decided not to score the game until we can have sampled the full online experience. Once we have, we will update the review accordingly and add a score.

When Wii Sports came out in 2006 it was nothing short of a revelation; beforehand video games had been all but relegated to buttons, knobs, and sticks as a means of controlling them, but the Nintendo Wii and its titular pack-in sports title bust that idea wide open. You all know the story — waggle waggle, tennis racquet moves, mum’s besotted, dodgy elbow next morning — but now Nintendo’s trying to have another pop at the formula (after Wii Sports Resort and we suppose Wii Sports Club) with Nintendo Switch Sports. It’s been 16 years, but are we looking at 16 years’ worth of improvement?

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