Review: Genki Waveform Headphones – The Perfect Audio Solution For Your Switch?

Cross the streams.

Earlier this year, tech company Human Things – which is behind the growing ‘Genki’ series of gaming-focused products – successfully raised $879,063 for the Genki Waveform wireless headphones. This might not seem like big news for gamers, but the Waveform headphones have a secret weapon: you can stream two audio sources simultaneously – something that naturally came as very welcome news to those who play a lot of online games, judging from the massive success of the crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve been sent a pair of Waveform headphones by Human Things, and have been putting them through their paces over the past week or so. We’re generally impressed, but there are some caveats which prevent these headphones from being the all-out success they perhaps could have been.

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