Review: Easy Come Easy Golf – Everybody’s Golf Spiritual Successor Scores A Birdie On Switch

Finally, golf for everybody (with a Switch).

Clap Hanz is a studio closely linked with PlayStation, producing hugely popular titles Everybody’s Golf / Hot Shots Golf across multiple generations (over the course of 20 years+). Recently it loosened up its swing and went another way, however, releasing Clap Hanz Golf on Apple Arcade. It’s that title which is now on Switch as Easy Come Easy Golf; yep, brand identity with this developer can get a bit muddled.

For those that never jumped into the PlayStation games, this is a welcome chance to experience the studio’s blend of easygoing visuals, cartoonish caricatures and decidedly addictive golf. It’s a refined round for sure, and thanks to those smart device origins it supports multiple ways to play — you can opt for touchscreen swipe controls in portable mode, while on a controller you can utilise stick swings or the more classic three-button press. All are certainly functional, but this reviewer is a boomer that insists golf games be played with the three-tap meter, and it works nicely here.

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