Respawn wants cross progression in Apex Legends “sooner rather than later”, working on in-game gifting

A vast new sweep of information regarding the future of Apex Legends has been revealed, via an early press and influencer briefing we attended last week. Alongside multiple reveals regarding Season 14 and significant changes to Kings Canyon, we’ve learnt more about Respawn’s long term goals via a Q&A – including info on cross progression, ranked changes, and in-game gifting.

These further out additions haven’t got any date attributed to them yet, instead being tinkered with in the background. According to senior game designer Eric Canavese: “We are actively working on gifting to other players right now, but we want to make sure it’s something people enjoy, something that doesn’t feel grindy”.

On Cross Progression, Evan stated: “We’re actively working on cross progression, but there’s no release date on it. The game wasn’t built with it in mind, which makes it complicated. But I hear you, and I want cross progression too. It’s something we’re definitely working on – we want it sooner than later.”

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