Red Dead Online – an untamed playground to make your own fun

Have you ever met a cheater in Red Dead Online? I have – a few times, in fact. The latest encounter came at the worst possible moment, after I had spent an hour painstakingly hunting animals to fill up my wagon with pelts. I had set off on a trader mission across the map, opting for a risky long-haul voyage that left me open to attack.

A potential shootout with a player was a risk I could accept: combating an invisible god-like assailant, however, was something I really hadn’t signed up for. Out of nowhere, I was transformed into a flying saucer. It didn’t take long for me to realise what was happening – Red Dead Online is notorious for its cheaters, and one of them had decided to spend their evening targeting me.

It turns out that driving a wagon as a spaceship is quite difficult. The ship was so vast that it obscured my view, and the glow from its lights made navigating the pitch-black desert almost impossible. Using my mini-map to steer, I somehow made my way to my destination, but my ordeal wasn’t over quite yet. I had some bandits to deal with.

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