Random: Move Over Apple, You Can Run Mac OS On The Wii

Old meets older.

The Wii is now 16 years old. That might be enough to set you off on a certain existential crisis, true, but we can all take comfort in the fact that people are still discovering new things that the console is capable of. Take Pierre Dandumont for example, who has finally managed to answer the age-old question – could you get a Wii to run Mac OS? The answer is yes. Just about (thanks, Gizmodo).

Shared in a video on his YouTube channel, the tech wiz demonstrates not only that the Wii is capable of getting the Apple operating system up and running, but it can even open up some applications! Internet Explorer 5? No problems (bar the absence of an internet connection). iTunes? Light work (so long as you don’t want to hear any music). A quick game of Doom? Easy peasy – actually running at one frame per minute, we can’t say this is either ‘quick’ or a ‘game’, but the project is impressive nonetheless.

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