Random: Kit And Krysta Claim They Were Nearly Fired Over Nuzlocke Pokémon Run

“This is on the same level as a hack or ROM”.

Well then, here’s your ‘Bizarre News Story of the Week™’. In a clip posted on Twitter via the latest episode of the Kit and Krysta podcast, the ex-Nintendo employees received a question from one of their Patreon supporters on whether they had ever played a ‘Nuzlocke run’ of Pokémon.

This prompted the pair to recount a story in which they pitched an idea to The Pokémon Company to play a Nuzlocke run on an episode of ‘Nintendo Minute’. Apparently, their suggestion was not only promptly shut down, but they allegedly came close to being fired, with The Pokémon Company stating that the Nuzlocke Challenge is “on the same level as a hack or ROM”.

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