PS4/PS5 – Issue with map loading while driving bike around

Hello all, I need some help trying to figure out why our game freezes on random gen map. My gf and I would be riding our bikes around the map and on occasion, we’ll run into a “block” of world that has no textures on it (grass, trees, etc.). As soon as we drive into that part of the map, we get stuck in place, assuming because the game is trying to load in the textures and it’s not a “real” piece of the world yet. Can vary anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds for it load in. Assuming it’s a texture loading issue, is there anything I can do to fix this on PS4/PS5? I’m sure on PC you tone down settings etc., but not sure what you can do on playstation. To note, we never had this issue with the Navezgane map so that’s why it’s throwing me for a loop right now. Appreciate any feedback/suggestions.

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