Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players want one thing: refunds

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet buyers are requesting refunds, after running into numerous bugs and performance issues. Some of them, applying for their money digitally, are urging others to join them.

This development, first reported on by The Gamer, has largely been spurred on by unpleased customers on social media. Reddit, a hub for Pokemon discussion, has been a particular hot spot for complaints and refund requests, with several users posted their anecdotal stories of financial recovery on the forums.

“If you genuinely are disappointed with the game, I’d strongly urge you to do this instead of complaining or trying to raise awareness of the game’s issues.” writes user Sellouthipster. They posted their a guide for successful refunds on the Reddit, noting that although these situations are rare, it seems Nintendo is accepting complaints of the game’s quality as adequate cause for a refund. “I highly doubt any kind of fixes are coming – especially before Christmas – and I have zero urge to play a broken game.”

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