Performance Guide A20


So i released a mod recently that has proven to increase FPS in the game by a fair amount depending on the person’s PC specifications. Ranging from 5-30 fps. It’s a very simple mod that changes the boot.config configuration. After i released it, the pimps gave it a try in experimental. There was an increase in reports of game crashes, so keep this in mind. It’s been downloaded 8,000 times on Nexus and ive received alot of good feedback on it.

So besides the obvious tweaks most guides show you (nvidia control panel, virtual memory, power managements, drivers etc)

Here are the three mods that you can use that when combined can make a significant difference without any loss in visual fidelity.

NOTE: These only work with EAC off, unfortunately. That can be turned off in the 7 Days to Die launcher.

This is the boot.config mod i explained above:

This is an experimental mod that improves the inefficiencies of the game’s lighting system. It can improve fps by 10~ (Make sure Occlusion is turned on in the Video settings for this mod)

This is a big mod pack created by Sphereii. You dont need most of the files in the git, you want the “Sphereii Legacy Distant Terrain” folder.

Download all these and create a Mods folder in the root of your 7 days to die folder, and place them in there. Run the game, and enjoy a potentially very nice boost in your FPS.

Hoping this has been helpful to some of you.

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