(PC) New server, seeking to build community

[US] Sheriffs of Rottingham [PVE/PVP]

New game started 4/3/22

Discord: http://discord.gg/invite/9q4emyZhaK

Join Server: steam://connect/

Server Modifications & Features css • IP: Features • Bounty system (10 Dukes per Zombie, Place custom bounties on players) • Starter items: Bicycle, Hobo stew, pistol, headlight, and a couple more small items • Forges & Campfires stop burning fuel when crafting queue completes • No wiring required for electric fixtures (Wire fencepost & tripwires still requires wires) • Server Tools for quality of life improvements • Enemy HP Bar • Discord integration (Game chat Sync, Day/Time command, etc) Mods • 15% Zombie Loot Drop • HUD Plus • Bears Starter Items • Electricity No Wires • Stop Fuel Waste • Server Tools • Zombie HP Bar All mods are server side and require no download from client

Server Settings css Capacity: 18 players Map Size: 6144 Loot: 200% Experience: 400% Difficulty: ‘Warrior/Hard’ Max Zombies: 60 Max Animals: 50 Max Land Claims: 4 Land Claim Size: 50 Land Claim Duration: 10 Days Land Claim Decay: ‘Linear’ Online Modifier: ‘x4’ Offline Modifier: ‘x16’ Drop On Death: ‘Backpack Only’ Drop On Quit: ‘Nothing’ Loot Respawn: Every 5 In-Game Days Air Drops: Every 3 In-Game Days Player Killing: ‘Strangers Only’ Server Reboots: Every 24 Hours Server Backup: Every 12 Hours

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