Tips n’ Tricks Tuesday

Have a tip you wish someone shared with you when you first started playing? Have you discovered a tried and true method of survival? Share your secrets with your fellow survivors and help those just getting started! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

Poster Mods

Does anyone know of a mod that lets me add my own images to posters in game. I’m into landscape photography in a big way and would love to add some of my IR landscapes as posters submitted by /u/GrandAssist6031 [link] [comments]

darkness falls food mod

Is there a mod out there that has the darkness falls food on it? I don’t have much interest in playing darkness falls, it seems too grindy for me, but I do like the food overhaul. Is there a mod that I can use to add just the DF food? submitted by /u/argyleweller83 [link] [comments]

Boss Drops

Could people tell here what are some bosses loot? wikia is pretty old, and im not sure about what Gram, Lich and Skaldor drops submitted by /u/AxelWillie [link] [comments]