overhaul mods(opinions welcome)

so i made a thread a few days ago with some noob questions and whether or not to just jump straight into an overhaul mod…well i jumped straight into undead legacy cause i think the look of the UI is great but i have made it to day 5 a couple of times(i restarted cause of settings changes and whatnot) and i am finding each time that i seem to make very very small progress…like this run im on now is the most progress i feel like i have made and i dont have anything but the carpenter bench and the research station tier 1 and am still just using a basic stone spear…i just feel like by day 5(90 minute 24h cycle) that i should have some kind of upgraded weapon or gathering tools…

i also played 1 day of darkness falls and feel like i have made more progress in that 1 day then my whole time playing UL

so my question is between undead legacy, darkness falls, war of the walkers, and war3zuk(the last two look fun)…in options which one would be the best of them…it looks like DF most played on twitch besides vanilla so i was just looking for opinions

also does increasing the difficulty make loot better in the beginning or is the only real way to get better loot is over time with the game state going up and well traders lol they seem busted if you can farm dukes efficiently

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