Over 80 feared dead in church attack, sources say

Over 80 feared dead in church attack, sources say

Over 80 people are feared to have died in Sunday’s attack on a southwest church in Nigeria, according to sources in ABC News on Wednesday.

A source with direct knowledge of the investigation said that organizations of 82 victims were in a local morgue. Another informed source of the last intelligence assessment in the United States said that the estimate was greater than 80. The two sources spoke anonymously because they did not have the authorization to speak to the press about the current investigation.

A spokesperson for the Nigeria police force, which is investigating, told ABC News on Wednesday that the investigation was underway and that she could not confirm the number of deaths at the time.

Richard Olatunde, the spokesperson for the Ondo State Governor, told ABC News on Wednesday that the victims count was 40 dead and 86 injured, including 61 who were still hospitalized. However, these figures are probably an underestimation.

The bloodshed occurred at the Catholic church of St. Francis in the city of Owo in the state of Ondo, more than 200 miles northwest of Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and More than 200 miles southwest of Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

The church held a service for Pentecost on Sunday, and a Christian festival was celebrated on the 50th day after Easter when explosives exploded. Shots went up around 11:30 a.m., according to the police.

Several armed men disguised as faithful were inside the church and opened fire on the faithful, the police said. In contrast, other armed men who had positioned themselves around the church fired At the building in different directions and the worshipers as they tried to escape.

The attackers fled the premises in a stolen Nissan and remained in freedom, according to the police, who said the vehicle had since been recovered.

Police said they also recovered three unstepled improvised explosive devices (IED) on the scene and fragments of IED and detonated pellets with AK-47 ammunition.

The exact number of authors was unknown, and the police have not yet identified them. The reason for the massacre was unclear because no group claimed responsibility.

The Catholic Council of Laïcs du Nigeria said in a statement on Monday that armed men were “suspected of being bandits”.

Over 80 feared dead in church attack, sources say
Over 80 feared dead in church attack, sources say

Meanwhile, the Federal Medical Center health agents of Owo, who treated the victims of the attack, had an urgent need for blood for the injured on Monday.

The Nigerian Inspector General of the Usman Police Alkali Baba ordered a “large-scale” and “complete” investigation into the incident and deployed specialized police units to help find the attackers, police said.

Sunday’s attack was largely unprecedented in Ondo, considered one of Nigeria’s most peaceful states. Violent attacks and kidnappings for ransom have become prey to other parts of the West African country.


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Over 80 feared dead in church attack, sources say

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