Ori and the Blind Forest Statues Available for Preorder Now at the IGN Store

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the most gorgeous Metroidvanias in recent memory, and you can now preorder a statue of the two iconic characters from the game, Ori and Naru. This statue is available for preorder now in the IGN Store, and is available in two versions: the Day variation and the Night variation. The statue comes from First 4 Figures, a company known for creating high-quality statues of some of the most recognizable video game characters. Naru is holding Ori, resting on a log in the statue, which is inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest's box art.

Originally released in 2015, Ori and the Blind Forest is available on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The game stars Ori, a fallen spirit in the forest of Nibel, who is working to keep Nibel from falling to ruin. In our original review of the game, we called it great, saying "Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautifully realized, brilliantly designed, and at times brutally difficult sylvan Metroidvania-style platformer with enough charm to leave a lasting impression."