Optimizing your Windows machine for 7DtD (Or gaming in general)

I see a lot of posts about this game running poorly, and a lot of it can be contributed to poor game optimization, but I’m here to help with some of the things that are within our control. I’m a career IT guy and spend my 9-5 optimizing crappy, outdated hardware to run resource-intensive applications, so I thought I’d share some of my knowledge to help out the community. I am in no way claiming this will make your potato run the game, but this is written with the intent of making the most of the system you currently have.

1) Update everything. Start by going to “Start > Settings > Update & Security” and allow Windows to do all of its updates. (It may reboot several times during this process) Secondly, open “Microsoft Store” and update everything in here. Finally, open Nvidia GeForce Experience, or AMD equivalent, and update your GPU drivers. (Clean install if option is available and you haven’t done that in a while)

2) Uninstall Bloatware. Nearly every PC comes with Bloatware, even custom-builds. (Thanks Microsoft!) Start by removing everything non-essential from your start menu. Click “Start” and starting from the top, go down the list and uninstall everything you don’t need/use. Additionally, open “Control Panel” and uninstall Bloatware from here as well. (Feel free to comment if you have any concerns of what constitutes as Bloatware)

3) Limit Startup Processes. Your PC is likely running a few apps/services by default, when Windows starts, and it’s eating some of your processing power. We’re going to begin by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to open Task Manager. From here, click “Startup” and then “Status” to sort the list by what is enabled/disabled. Obviously, you’re going to want to disable as much as you can from this location. Again, comment if you have any concerns of what isn’t needed. Additionally, go to Start>Settings>Apps>Startup and disable anything that wasn’t listed in task manager

4) Limit Background Processes. The last thing we’re going to do is limit what applications will run in the background, which can drain precious resources. For this, we’re going to navigate to Start>Settings>Privacy (WHY IS IT HERE, MICROSOFT?!) From there, you can scroll down to “Background Apps” and disable the entire menu. Additionally, while you’re still in the privacy menu, I recommend starting at the top of left pane, and working your way to the bottom, disabling everything along the way

5) Power Settings. Finally, we’re going to tell Windows to not limit the power usage of our PC, allowing it to run at full capacity. Open “Control Panel” and go to System and Security> Power Options and set your plan to “Performance”

I know this doesn’t cover everything but this is a really good start to making your PC run this, and other games, and smoothly as it is capable. Drop comments with questions/concerns and happy gaming!

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