Nightingale wants to provide “more agency” for survival games, says ex-Bioware dev Aaryn Flynn

It already feels like an age since the Summer Game Fest peeled back the curtain on a sleek selection of upcoming game releases to get the pistons on everyone’s hype engines pumping again. Of the reveals, Nightingale certainly stood out thanks to its promise of bringing the survival genre to a more fantastical setting. But an interesting aesthetic can only get you so far – what exactly will set Nightingale apart from other titans in the scene right now?

To find out we talked with Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games and former Bioware general manager, to get to the bottom of what makes Nightingale special. We touch on unique features not found in other survival titles, the range of PvE encounters in the game, and how the studio plans to drag players away from their competitors.

VG247: You’re taking the survival genre to a more fantastical place than many of your peers. What unique selling point does that provide aside from a neat aesthetic?

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