New Trailer Highlights Nintendo Switch Sports As Part Of Fitness Regime

Along with try-hard online play.

When the Wii was launched alongside its iconic bundled game Wii Sports (apart from in Japan, where it was sold separately), trailers showed games of all ages and types getting off their butts and swinging a remote around. The Switch was able to recapture that a little in this generation, with Ring Fit Adventure proving to be a modern spiritual successor to Wii Fit, in particular.

The arrival of Nintendo Switch Sports this week will bring us a third generation of controller waving sport; don’t forget Wii Sports Club on Wii U! Arriving over five years after the system launched, its place in the library is a little different as a result, and in the latest Japanese commercial we see Nintendo tying the game to Ring Fit Adventure as a natural part of an exercise routine. We see the player wrap up some exercises before jumping into an online match of badminton (and taking it quite seriously, too).

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