New to the game, I’ve got a bunch of questions.

I’m playing on Navezgane, and I set up my base near the first trader on the center of the map, right by the burnt forest. I am level 30ish, and she is giving me Tier 4 quests, all my other traders are T1.

Should I level my other traders? Which ones are considered best to level first? Is there a good way to transport loot from area to area? It’s hard to leave my home near Jen because I have like 10 chests full of stuff next to her. I am on day 17, and I am struggling to find ammunition… I’ve been using a baseball bat, and on blood moons, I use a mix of that + AK47, is there a good way to start getting ammo? Should I focus on looting in any specific areas? I know that certain areas provide better loot scores, but I don’t know where I should really be headed. My biggest issue is that I feel like I need a million perk points to unlock all the things I need (a bunch of int + advanced engineering to start using iron and steel more reliably, greasy monkey to upgrade my bike to a motorbike since I spend so much time biking around everywhere, robotics for base defense stuff… a little bit of strength for better bat, miner 69er, sexy rex, etc…) Is heavy armor worth using? I’m using a bunch of scrap armor but I’m thinking it might be better to go more defensive. Moving slow sounds awful, though. Any other tips?

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