New player, feeling overwhelmed.q

Hello. Me n My friend just bouught the game and we went in with 0 research and we just got wrecked multiple times in 1 hour and then we stopped. we will retry tomorrow.

but i wanted some tips

What map should we select? beginner or Navezgane , what is navezgane?

A puma, a dog , a bear killed us multiple times and no matter how much we hit them with stone club nothing happened to them. Can they be killed?

I was roaming around and a white fog came and music got super scary so I ran and hide in basement. Wtf was that?

we dont want too many spoilers, so any starting out tips like things to do on day 1-2 ?

we didnt really follow tutorial, so that was our bad, we will follow tutorial this time. we found a lot of items, but couldnt carry them all so we just started leaving things in crates in random houses.

should we try to take an abondoned house and make it a temporary base? do we have to repair the abondoned house before occupying safely?

i have so many more questions, but i think if i get answers to these ones above , me n my friend can survive and figure out the rest?

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