New ammo I made for use in Darkness Falls mod: Flechette Shell

Tried my hand at making a new type of ammo. After many, many trials and errors, I finally made Flechette Shells for the double barrel, pump and auto shotguns. Fires 5 flechette darts that are made from forged steel in the metal workstation using calipers. Flechettes and Flechette Shells are unlocked from Reloading Weekly lvl 4. Once I finish the small stuff and add more ammo types, I will put a download link and attempt to make them more vanilla game friendly for all those interested.

I also have fixed the shotgun’s description that drove my OCD nuts. Instead of it saying “Damage/Pellet”, it now says “Damage/Projectile” and where it said “Pellets”, is now “Projectiles”. I am also thinking on changing the shotgun’s Magazine Size to Tube Capacity.

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