Mysterious LIDAR game mode for Garry’s Mod is giving players the creeps

Garry’s Mod, the sandbox title from Facepunch Studios, has been around for a long time now. First released in 2006, the title truly lets its players play the game however they want to; there’s no long-term goals in the base game mode, and players can modify Garry’s Mod to their hearts content.

This, obviously, has led to various players experimenting with the game and producing their own content for it. Notable mods for Garry’s Mod have consisted of popular alternative game modes such as Prop Hunt and Spacebuild, among many more.

Yet not every mod will overhaul how you’re playing Garry’s Mod, and some of the add-ons across the Steam Workshop exist to simply let players trial and examine how they can modify their experience. One particular mod that has recently caught the attention of a handful of players is LIDAR.

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