My Generated Map and the Map I am uncovering in game don’t seam to match up.

Everything seamed to line up with the two I had a rough idea of our starting area and we (I play with my BF) where planning to push West Wasteland City. It got weird when a few Coyotes spawned in the Forest City. And really started to throw me for a loop when we got sent to The Winter Biome for a new trader. Where We found not only The Desert, but a Patch of Wasteland! Nowhere near where they where supposed to be. Am I just missing something on the Generated Map v In Game? None of the Biomes look to line up.

The Pre Game Map

The In Game Map

The Lots of water marker was over a place no water should have been on the Pre-Game Map.

I think Help is the right flair if not I am sorry.

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