MultiVersus players are making a stunning Daffy Duck concept character

With any new game with a colourful roster of guest characters, fans of MultiVersus have been picking out their personal favourites they’d like to see make it to the popular platform fighter. Some, however, are bringing their passion to a whole other level with fan made animations and custom calling cards for a particular Looney classic: Daffy Duck.

This all started thanks to one animator – Jordan Rutter. A junior animator at Playtonic Games, he started a side project creating a character concept for Daffy Duck at the tail end of July. From there, clips of combos, aerials, and special moves all inspired by classic moments from the lovable duck were quickly published online, gaining traction among the community.

This excellent animation work in turn inspired some more creative juices to get flowing. Technical designer Dylan Micheli stepped up to the digital plate with their own Daffy work – this time a custom calling card for the character that you’d see in game, with all of his conceptual special moves included!

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