Motorcycle by day 4 – very powerful

On my current playthrough I made it my objective to get a motorcycle ASAP and got it on the morning of day 4. I farmed all resources and bought all perk points, but you can get lucky and buy it from the trader for like 30k on day 6 if the trader has it in stock by then, if you farm for money instead. (I think its impossible to get 30k dukes by day 3 if he has it in stock)

I maybe got a bit lucky with wheels as thats IMO the hardest to find resource (acid or wheels), but in A20 its fairly easy to head to a big city and loot specific POI’s that are more likely to have acid/wheels, and I also was fortunate enough to find 2 wrenches which can hold you back if you dont find them because a wrench is basically all you need for a motorcycle + wheels,. Early forged steel is now even easier too, since cities have LOADS of Street lights (which give you Steel if wrenched)

Can recommend, feels very powerful to have one so early on, basically now nothing stands in my way to day 100 ^^

I gained lots of levels with upgrading to cobblestone which I farmed while looting specific POIs (farms/construction sites). Didn’t put ANY skill points into anything other than grease monkey and Advanced engineering (for crafting table + motorcycle)

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