Marvel Snap is the first mobile game I’ve spent cash on — what happened?

I don’t know what it is about Marvel Snap, but it’s the first mobile game to get a penny out of me. Ever. It’s one of the few games in general that has managed it. It has gained a place on my mantle of financial shame, alongside Warframe, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. But how, and why, did this fairly simple card game manage it?

For those not aware of the current app carving out a special corner of my phone’s home screen (and a drain on my battery), Marvel Snap is a collectable card game. Featuring a bunch of Marvel characters with appropriate abilities and comic-esque art, you’ve got to build a deck with whatever you’ve got and battle other like-minded players. As well as a great fan service game, it does a really good job of replicating that childhood feeling of collecting and playing with cards. That’s what got me in.

You don’t get too many cards too often, which I’m certain is the reason why I decided to bust the wallet out. It’s quite clever, really; you first face off against other players and discover cards as they slap them down. There’s this “ohhh, what’s that card” moment, just like you would get if you were playing a fresh set of Magic the Gathering or YuGiOh cards. That gets your brain jiggling, and has you wondering about how perfect those cards would be in your deck, or what combos you could create. This guy is a loser, I could do so much more with that card.

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