Looking for advice regarding multiplayer performance

Hi there, as said in the title, me and 3 other friends are playing the game with some mods, the most important one may be 16x hordes and naturals. All of us know the fps drop when a horde spawns and such, but lately the game’s been turning into a literal powerpoint presentation. I’ve noticed that, even with all the mods and same quantity of entities spawned, my SP performance barely takes a hit, whereas in multiplayer we get as much as 5fps, also, I’ve noticed that every time one of us leaves, the fps come back to life and literally double. We really don’t want to lower the spawn level since in hordes we have a blast, but there ain’t much blast to be had when we can barely know what we’re doing. Is this common in the game?, and also, can something be done to make it more bearable? like console commands, parameters, other mods and such? Sorry if this has been asked a lot, and if a thread to this already exists, I’ll delete this immediately.

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