Let’s Talk Mining – Tips/Best Practices

I’m still new-ish to the game having started playing in A20 and currently I’m mostly spec’d into Agility/Perception rather than strength, therefore have really only been doing some surface mining with my level 3 Iron pick axe and 1pt in Mother Lode/Sex Rex and drinking a lot of Red Tea (my best tip).

Now that I have the workbench and cement mixer, I’m seeing the need to increase my mining production and looking for tips/best practices given the above. Couple of questions in addition to any tips you can provide:

Can I mine straight down underneath my crafting base/home (self built)? I don’t want the thing to collapse on me due to my digging, but I can swear that I’ve seen Glock9 do this often in his vids. If not, what’s the best way to set up a separate mine? Cellar doors over your mining shaft? put a fence around it?

Just looking for some best practices given my characters lack of perked in strength.

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