Is there a guide to game stage zombies? Trader quest and Inventory differences?

I play a very chill, easy game, with lowest zombie spawns, always walk, spaced out blood moons, low zombie block damage, etc. mostly because I’m running on an old Mac and the frame rates make it impossible to play any other way, but I enjoy the slow burn vibe regardless.

Is there any guide to what to expect to encounter at whatever game stage you’re at? Like, when will you start getting ferals or cops, irradiated, or basically harder level enemies. When people talk ‘mid/late’ game Ive not really got a comparison of what that means, because honestly I hope to still be ‘early game’ at day 50.

Also, do traders within the same biome share or duplicate inventories?

Do trader quests alwaysstart at TI when you link to a new one, or does it match the Tier of the trader who sent you on the ‘special quest’?

Does crossing in to different biomes mean you encounter different ‘types’ (ie: better) traders, or is it still dependant on day, your quest tier with that trader, or game stage, as to what they will have available, compared to other traders?

What I mean is, is it worth going around to every trader on an inventory refresh day, or will they all essentially have the same thing?

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